Hey guys I just created a tiny sample app demonstrating tvOS 10 new APIs.

I open-sourced it because the AVContentProposal API is still buggy and I wanted feedbacks from other developers from the world.

So this is the crash you can experience in tvOS10 Simulator.

The same app won't crash on the device, but user will left with weird screen like this. f:id:toshi0383:20160924190748j:plain

Sorry my AppleTV is in Japanese, but you can see the ContentProposalViewController in front of the first view.

This is the stacktrace.

2016-09-24 19:01:29.520 TVOSTest[87178:254281] Presenting view controllers on detached view controllers is discouraged <TVOSTest.ViewController: 0x7fb02c026e00>.
2016-09-24 19:01:29.543 TVOSTest[87178:254281] *** Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSGenericException', reason: 'Unable to activate constraint with anchors <NSLayoutXAxisAnchor:0x60800086f280 "AVFocusProxyView:0x7fb02b542db0.left"> and <NSLayoutXAxisAnchor:0x60800086f540 "AVPlayerLayerView:0x7fb02b40ec50.left"> because they have no common ancestor.  Does the constraint or its anchors reference items in different view hierarchies?  That's illegal.'
*** First throw call stack:

It's obviously AutoLayout's error, but there is nothing I can do because I'm not using any AutoLayouts in this app...

So it's depends on you whether you should use AVContentProposal or not. I will update if I found any workarounds.

Happy tvOS development!!!